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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Farewell, 2011 summer, I'll miss you

Well...that's all folks...summer 2011 is pretty much a wrap.  

Harvests actually started in early August, but I posted some of the pics already, and even, I think, posted the first picture below.  I started with that picture to show the recent progression of picked vegetables, however.

I don't know what I was doing on September 03, so that picture is missing, but the pics I did take tell a nice story of how the zucchini production peaked in late August, tomatoes and onions in mid September, peppers in October, and my pathetic pumpkins in October.

Since I started really tracking production in August, I ate 15 meals from the garden.  Figuring three meals per day for 60 days = 180 meals, I ate 8.3% of meals from the garden. Add that to the plum smoothies that I have every morning (from July's huge plum harvest), I can say that I had my own personal produce in 1/3 of my meals over the last two months.

At the bottom I demonstrate my most common meal, just a simple blended soup featuring pretty much whatever is picked that week.  I also demonstrate what was my favorite way of consuming 64 ounces of processed garden tomatoes.

August 20 

August 27 

September 10

September 17

September 24

October 01

October 08

Soup Making

Sometimes I Peel the Tomatoes, but Not this Time

This was Last Week's Soup...had Saturday Lunch + Two Meals at Work
Greet Stuff for 1st Week of NFL Play!

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